TP Leaf Earrings

$ 20.95 USD
Metal Color

Cast from a cypress leaf or twig, these stacking ear rings are beautiful on their own, or stacked together. 

Choose from a choice of silver and Gold, they all look equally beautiful, and the mixed colors look very striking.

A former landscape architect, I spend a lot of my time staring at trees, branches, twigs, leaves and seed pods.

This obsession lead me to experiment with getting different parts of plants cast in silver. I work on each piece, filing, sanding, and hand polishing, to create a refined finish. It is an idealized representation of nature.

That said, I find that nature has such a wonderful way of creating patterns, undulations and bud formations that I am compelled to highlight these in the jewelry I make. 

Handmade in London, with material Zinc Alloy. 

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