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    Ionic Shower Head Handheld - 3way Function Filter

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    • TURBOCHARGE, PURIFY AND SAVE WATER AND MONEY. MORE PRESSURE, LESS WATER. This affordable new dimension of luxury creates a positive impact on your health that pays for itself. By combining H20 TurboCharge technology and water saving micro nozzle pinholes, Rymerce 3 mode replacement shower head compacts water through purifying ionic filter and mineral balls -delivering more water speed pressure, soothing away aches, tension and mental fatigue at a reduced water cost.
    • SAVE YOUR SKIN, ENHANCE YOUR HEALTH WITH THE HIGH-PRESSURE DOUBLE IONIC FILTER. If you want a refreshing and healthier showering environment, consider this filter shower head negative ionic mineralisation system reduces chlorine and lowers limescale while infusing skin- quenching nutrients- for softer, smoother skin, reduced oil secretion and increased cell viability which means a Health SPA experience in your own bathroom.

    • GREAT SHOWER EXPERIENCE WITH 3 WATERFALL MODES RAINFALL, MASSAGE AND JET: Easily switch between modes that suit your moods by flicking the handheld shower-head rocker switch. Rainfall shower provides proper drenching. Massage shower-head laser targets your tension, melting away aches and pains. Jet modes high intensity spray invigorates your senses, a perfect way to become alert and start your day right.
    • UNIVERSAL FIT: QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION WITH NO TOOLS REQUIRED: If you can screw in a light bulb, you will find installing this shower head replacement to ANY standard shower hose easy. Simply unscrew your outdated shower-head. Twist in your new shower head filter and enjoy showers at their finest.