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    Hair Color Wax (Temporary Hair Dye)

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    Get an instant color upgrade that washes out 😍 

    Don't waste months with permanent hair dye.

    Try a new color every day of the week!


    This new temporary hair wax adds texture and shine, suitable for all hair type from medium to thick hair. Easy to apply and clean.

    Temporary: a good solution for people who like trying new colors. Easy coloring, easy to wash out, strong hold with no damage, and no stickiness.

    How to use:

    1. Place a finger full of wax on your palm and spread evenly.
    2. Apply to all areas that need a color boost
    3. Slay with your new look
    4. Washes out easily after each use

    How To Choose Your Colors:

    Red/Brown/Dark Hair: We recommend Purple, Blue, Gold and Silver colors. The Red color looks like a subdued pink shade on dark hair.

    Blonde/Bleached Hair: All colors look great. Silver won't be prominent on bleached hair though.

    Our Color Wax works on all hair types: whether curly, straight, or wavy. If you have curly hair, then the wax also makes your curls pop.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Does this dry out?
    A: Yes - after you apply the Color Wax on your hair, it dries out pretty quickly.

    Q: Does this rub off on clothes or pillows?
    A: No - after the Color Wax dries out, it doesn't rub off on clothes or pillows. Even if it does, it can easily be washed out since the wax is water soluble.

    Q: What happens in the rain?
    A: While we don't recommend you stay out in heavy rain with or without the hair wax (you know, cause you might catch a cold) - the Color Wax doesn't come off in a mild drizzle. But if you're in the rain long enough - that's pretty much like taking a shower and it will come off.

    Q: Does this work on dark hair?
    A: The color effect is much more pronounced on lighter hair - and yes, the Color Wax does work on bleached hair as well. The color effect on dark hair is subdued and subtle - but still pretty great 😉

    Q: Will this damage my hair?
    A: Based on hundreds of customers' feedback who use the Color Wax several days of the week, combined with the fact that its made out of plant extracts - this will not damage your hair.

    Q: Is this safe for kids?
    A: Absolutely! In fact, many of our customers bought the Color Wax especially for their kids. Comes right off with shampoo - and gives your kids that fresh new look 🤟🏽

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